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Welcome to Grace of Christ, a Slavic church located in Evansville, IN. We have created a mission to help those who are struggling in Ukraine. Our goal is to provide emergency assistance to Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war.

About Our Mission


Food Supply

Food supply is running out for most families. Huge and urgent need in baby formula, as local stores are either closed or empty.

People seeking shelter

Civilians are hiding in basements, subway stations, bunkers and other shelters. Not all of them have proper ventilation and safe surfaces to sleep on. The need is for warm clothes, blankets, mattresses etc. Same for those, who stay in their homes, where gas supply was cut off. 


Need for Medication

The need for medication, including those for elderly people. Local pharmacies are running out of supplies. On top of being in a war, people are getting sick because of being in shelters that are often not heated.


Local children's hospitals were damaged, children in underground shelters. There's a huge need for diapers and baby formula.



Efforts to evacuate women and children from cities of highest danger (Eastern Ukraine) to nearby areas or to the border with Poland and other countries, taking in refugees. Volunteers with vans are needed, as well as fuel money.

About our team

Grace of Christ Mission in Ukraine


We're Ukrainian Christians abroad, closely working with volunteers in Ukraine to ensure your donations reach those in desperate need. Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events to support Ukrainians.


Why Your Help Is Needed:
Ukraine is facing hard times. With neighborhoods destroyed and safety a constant concern, brave volunteers are risking their lives to bring essentials like food and medicine to those in need. Your support can make a real difference in their efforts, offering hope and urgent assistance.


The Power of Donating:
When you donate, you're not just giving money. You're offering a lifeline, showing solidarity, and helping to sustain the spirits of those fighting for their lives and the volunteers aiding them. It's a way to stand with Ukraine, supporting those who are making a difference on the ground.


We're committed to transparency and building trust, showing you the impact of your support through our activities and updates.


Thank you for considering a donation. Your generosity means the world to those in need. Stay connected with us to see the change you're helping to make. Let's bring hope to Ukraine together.

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